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Written for the independent-minded seekers who want to evade the systems of conditioned beliefs, “Whisperings of the Protogenos” defies categorization and transcends literary genres. Moving deftly through recognizable themes—Socratic thought, gnosticism, mysticism, symbolism, Jungian archetypes—this pithy book evokes traditional leitmotifs without remaining anchored to any. Rather, the author contributes insights, meditations, memories, and aesthetic vision to move the reader from a perceived reality into ethereality where the soul has its origin and finds its future. The “Whisperings” are an invitation to follow the uncharted spiritual byways whereon awaits your freedom from the material world.


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Never in centuries past has there been a dearth of religious imagination, a paucity of telestic meaning as we experience nowadays. The abundant metaphysical harvest of the ancients has been reduced to a crop of beliefs and creeds to feed the masses a heavy meal that causes their souls to sink into a slumber. A veil of amorphous spirituality has fallen upon us, and through its diaphanous folds we perceive the deformed figures we take for the true gods. But those gods are only pretenders who hide behind the curtain and sustain our illusion of being awake while we are asleep.

In the 4th century C.E. a handful of clear-sighted monastic librarians buried a collection of manuscripts in the desert, saving them from the clutch of the engineers of faith in their time. When at last the twelve leather-bound papyrus codices concealed by the monks were unearthed in 1945, the Gospel According to Thomas proved to be perhaps the most potent sacred text to revive divine possession, free the mind from confusion, and rouse the soul from her torpor in our epoch.

In the Oracles of the Doubter, we will endeavor to approach Thomas’ gospel on its own terms and follow its promises to their very end to  “bring forth what is within us that will save us.”


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“Verses of the Fool” is a collection of poetry for the searching soul and the esoterically minded. The verses are fashioned to penetrate the deep strata of the psyche and leave their impression in the innermost. Each poem takes the form of a riddle or an intimation to impart gnosis.

Part 1 offers an original interpretation of the Major Arcana in the Tarot de Marseille.

Part 2 presents a series of esoteric and gnostic keys.

Part 3 is a collage of memories, meditations, and dreams.

This pithy book can be read and appreciated as a stand-alone, but its greatest import will come in conjunction with the author’s two other books, “Whispering,” and “Oracles.”

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About the author

I am an exile from many lands. I was born where the scent of the orange groves mixes with the salt in the air. I grew up on an island of beauty when the gem-like blue of the sea colored my boyhood. Yet, as a youth, I thought meaning should be found elsewhere, farther. By age 15 I had posited the theurgic tenets that would grow to form the primal roots of my philosophy in the latter years. But adolescence was a joyless affair; I lost my bearings, and soon, I was seduced by the tragic deceptions of the Abrahamists.

The years passed like the course of a river boring to the ocean: raging, sinuous, calm. I crossed borders, mingled with diverse people, examined countless ideas, sought my purposes. A man can have many lives in one existence. Until one day, midway in the unfolding of my life, the narrative took an unexpected turn when I had my own epiphany in the shapes of an angel. I picked up the noetic thread where I had left it to guide me through the maze of disagreements, the confusion of ideas, and the political, religious, social, and cultural discursions. I began to write…

I write about salvation because, consciously or (more likely) subconsciously, that is what we all want. Whether it be through romantic attachments, religion, spirituality, charitable works, politics, or money, everyone seeks to be saved from something. And to the tripartite paradigm of work, family, country that gave birth to the god of the Abrahamists, I oppose a theurgy of the Self Triumphant whose nature is Soul, youth, and beauty.