About the author

I am an exile from many lands. I was born where the scent of the orange groves mixes with the salt in the air. I grew up on an island of beauty when the gem-like blue of the sea colored my boyhood. Yet, as a youth, I thought meaning should be found elsewhere, farther. I crossed borders, mingled with diverse people, examined countless ideas, sought my purposes. A man can have many lives in one existence.

The years passed like the course of a river boring to the ocean: raging, sinuous, calm. Until one day, midway into the book of my life, the narrative took an unexpected turn and I crossed paths with an unearthly fellow who gave me—in the words of a doubter—“what no eye has ever seen, no ear has ever heard, no hand has ever touched, and no human mind has ever thought.” My books have their genesis in that preternatural encounter.

I write about salvation because, consciously or (more likely) unconsciously, that is what we all want. Whether it be through romantic attachments, religion, spirituality, charitable works, politics, or money, everyone seeks to be saved from something.