The maze of deception into which we move was patterned after the original lie uttered to man by the ‘great architect of the universe’: ‘But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.’ (Genesis 2:17).

The events of Eden illustrate the shadowy dominion of the Archons who design the rules and the demands that dictate our thinking process and behaviors. Adam represents humankind, and the god who walked in the garden stands for the structure that governs the conditional world.

The half-truth: If Adam eats the forbidden fruit, he shall surely die.

What is not said: only the physical body decays and perish; the soul and spirit prisoner of the clay can never die for they are eternal.

The partial truth: obedience to God’s commandment will afford Adam a blessed immortality in the Garden of Eden.

The entire truth: disobedience to God is the first step toward liberation of the soul and spirit from their prison, and to enjoy the knowledge and everlasting freedom of the gods.

The lie: God has only Adam happiness and well-being at heart.

The truth: God only has his selfish interests at heart. The demiurge plans to keep Adam satisfied, ignorant, and captive in a beautiful garden to thrive on his emotional life.

Whether we are sold a pill to cure our ills, an elected representative to care for our ills, a system to prevent our ills, or a moral philosophy to make our ills acceptable, we can observe the motif outlined above.

— From The Oracles of the Doubter: re-discovering the gospel of Thomas

engraving by J. Pass after C. P. Marillier, 1796 - wellcomecollection

Adam in Eden, engraving by J. Pass after C. P. Marillier, 1796


The Thread

Hanging by a single thread of a spider’s web, invisible to the eye, a pine needle hangs and sways as if floating of its own accord in the air. Haphazardly under a light breeze, the thread catches a ray of sunshine that makes it turn golden. Thus is the mystery of our life unveiled: believing we run to and fro of our own accord, we are unaware of the unseen strand by which we hang. How many of those threads have been woven by a primal arachnidan self into the web of our fate with mathematical certainty? Our story does not unravel from past to future, it is entwined and hold together in the fiber of a finished tapestry.

— From Whisperings of the Protogenos: a mystical journey

giant spider red cross poster, 1920

Italian Red Cross poster, 1920 (source:

We find comfort under the wings of the Erotes, seeking in vain to preserve the ever-fleeting mental and tactile sensations that pervade their being. We pursue them to the gates of their kingdom we are forbidden to enter. Tragically, we persist in our romantic endeavors, struggling to entangle in the world of matter what can never be possessed physically. What draws our passions inexplicably, forcefully, toward a visage or a countenance that occupies our thoughts and subdues our mind with pangs of disquietude?

— From Whisperings of the Protogenos: a mystical journey

Amore e Psiche, Giovanni Maria Benzoni, 1845

Giovanni Maria Benzoni, Amore e Psiche, 1845